Document handling with artifical intelligence

API for page seperation, document classification and capturing to bring new user experiences to your customers.


API – Page Seperation

Abacus Intelligence identifies the first and last page of each document and the is no need to pick barcodes or to use seperating pages which scanning. The artificial intelligence analyses historic documents and continues learning with every new transaction.

API – Document Classification

The Artificial intelligence performs document classification or document categorization for each document. The self-learning software adapts itself to previous document types or classes and learns the language. This ensures atomized document handling within the company.


API – Analytics


Each day you process hundreds of documents and there is little time to check all the data. Abacus Intelligence runs compliance, fraud and risk real time checks for each document automatically. Individual audits and control setting ensure coverage of your requirements. Real time checks ensure legal and business consistency and highlights deviations. Create process automations that exceed customer demands and differentiate your document handling.

System integration


You can integrate Abacus Intelligence as White Label solution and application programming interface (API). Read more here.

Automatize your accounting: generate complete entries, run real time audit checks and transfers the data into your accounting or ERP system. A wide variety of interfaces are available.

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