You are a tech innovator in the field of accounting solutions? You want to bring AI accounting to your customers? You are looking for technological solutions? Here we discuss benefits of drawbacks of API vs. white label software.  

API for Accounting Automation 

API is a software-to-software interface. It enables your software talking to an Abacus Intelligence®software. Your software communicates with the AI-API without any user knowledge or intervention. The API runs the processes behind the scene:

  1. Your application sends document with hundreds of pages as a bulk via API to Abacus Intelligence®. AI seperates each invoice and you receive for each invoice a file.
  2. Each file consists of one invoice and you need to retrieve relevant data out of the invocie. You send the file to Abacus Intelligence®. AI sends you back al invoice attributes as invoice date and number, net/gross/tax amount, PO number etc.
  3. Is there the need to add data to an invoice in order to facilitate the work flow in your organization, Abacus Intelligence® adds data as cost centre, criteria for approval etc. to the invoice and sends it to your application via API.

White Label Solution for AI Accounting

As innovative software company with a strong label you can re-brand the software to make it appear as if you have made it. You present the solution according your corporate identity, your style guide, your logo … This is not only beneficial for resellers as it also helps to increase brand awareness and client loyalty. This is appealing for your customers and there is no need to invest in frontend development. Here some examples what a private label accounting automation software from Abacus Intelligence® does: 

  1. Scan client or upload files
  2. Invoice separation
  3. Invoice data extraction
  4. Invoice data completion
  5. Invoice control
  6. User managment
  7. Workflow managment
  8. Authorization management

Concluding Remarks – White label or API – Invoice Processing based on AI

By using the API from Abacus Intelligence® you use your own frontend. This gives you greatest flexibility to add functionalities or apply your individual CI. Connect your application to Abacus Intelligence® RESTful API.

Using a white labelled software solution is cost efficient, however you are limited to add functionalities. There is no need to develop a frontend for accounting automation. Abacus Intelligence® is white labelled and you run it either as SaaS in a ISO 27001 certified data center or on-premise.

It is quite simple to integrate either APIs or white labelled software platforms. Get in touch with us and we determin the best solution for your business.