Expand your features with Finmatics®

Create a competitive advantage with our patent-pending Artificial Intelligence. Easily extract data from invoices, delivery notes, order confirmations or purchase orders with Finmatics®.

Assembling the foundation

Use APIs building blocks for your product for first page detection, document classification and document types, document capturing, adding data to documents or workflow.


Resource savings

Integrate Finmatics® APIs and you benefit by saving time and engineering hours that would have been required to build the same functionality. This allows you to offer a new experience for customers while utilizing what is already familiar and adopted.


Focus on evolving your core offers and build exactly what you need today. Tailor your software to innovate at you own pace and refer to our clear API documentation.


System integration

Customer having integrated Finmatics® API into its product and brought a remarkable competitive edge and increased revenue. Read more here.


For your support, we have a helpful, developer-specific support team in place. Nothing is more frustrating than having trouble and having no one to reach out to for help. That makes a huge difference.

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Highest security through 2-factor authentication and SSL encryption.


Available to you 24/7 through modern web technology and ready to use in minutes.


GDPR compliant and hosted on ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified servers located in Germany.