Reduce your workload with Artificial Intelligence by 50%

Easily extract data from invoices, delivery notes, order confirmations or purchase orders by using the Artificial Intelligence software Finmatics®.

Document Inbound and Classification

Upload or scan all your documents and our self-learning software Finmatics® recognizes the first and last page of each document. Never again stick manually barcodes or use any kind of separators. Deep learning models classify your documents according to company specific document types. There is no need to presort manually your incoming documents. The last step in the classification is the assignment to the legal entity. Finmatics® assigns the correct company to to each document. Presorting of documents belongs to the past. Read more about automation with artificial intelligence.

Document Processing

According to your document types, the self-learning software picks the variables, which you have already captured in your historical data. If you have captured payment terms on invoices, we capture it in future. If you make any change, the next time the software recognizes the change and asks you, if you wish to continue or not.

Document Workflow

Run seamless integrated multi-stage document approval workflow for your documents. Total process transparency and unprecedented control and insight over you organization’s document flow.

Document Analytics

Streamline data intelligence for document handling and perform real time fraud detection with advanced statical methods. Our self-learning software Finmatics® decreases the error rate up to 30% and ensures compliance with company’s guidelines.

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Security at Finmatics


Highest security through 2-factor authentication and SSL encryption.


Available to you 24/7 through modern web technology and ready to use in minutes.


GDPR compliant and hosted on ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified servers located in Germany.