For Shared Service Centers and Accounting Service Providers

The booking machine creates complete and correct booking lines from paper and digital documents. A patented artificial intelligence sorts receipts, reads them out and makes booking suggestions. Use the booking machine to reduce the work involved in ongoing client accounting by 50%!

Capture information from financial documents

Finmatics® artificial intelligence extracts data from invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders. Without templates! You reduce the manual data entry effort of your employees completely and achieve consistent quality for your clients!

Create complete booking records

The artificial intelligence of Finmatics® learns the assignment of general ledger accounts, personal accounts, tax codes, booking texts, cost centers, and much more individually for each client. This completes the booking line and the same bookings are fully automated. The result is a time-saving in the accounting of your clients of up to 50%.

100% Increase Quality through statistical controls

Documents are statistically and quality controlled according to risk characteristics. Handwritten invoices are also 100% recorded and missing data is added. You completely reduce the manual entry effort of your employees and increase the quality of your clients!

Optimize your processes with data analytics

Which clients automate well, where can I still optimize processes? We use data analyses to show you where there are opportunities to improve document delivery and processing processes in your company.

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    After approval, receipts are compressed and sent to the accounting system such as DATEV and many others handed over.


    Flexible user management for clients, accountants, suppliers.


    Finmatics is intuitive and can be used immediately by any accountant.